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View the 3D animations of farmthis on desktop & VR. Fantastic fetishisitc fantasy forms for your fulfilment. 

In the Farmthis Gallery eight animated scenes from the popular ero artist farmthis have been converted to be viewable from every angle, with added sound, voice acting and sinister settings. 

Get up-close and personal, hear their moans and enjoy the view in this virtual gallery. 


9 scenes featuring farmthis animations

Bonus videos of each scene so you can enjoy the art and voice acting without needing to fire up to he app: they can be found in the game directory/Extra/Videos

VR & Desktop modes -- VR supports Vive & Oculus Quest 2!

Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments or DM me on Twitter.

Also available on steam (Desktop and Vive versions only - Quest 2 version is only available on itchio):

PC Requirements:
This App requires a "VR ready PC":
intel i5 or i7, 6-12GB of ram, nvidia GTX 1060 or better

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Tags3D, Adult, asmr, Atmospheric, Dark, Erotic, fetish, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

the-farmthis-gallery.zip 4 GB
Version 6

Development log


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Can i get it for free? You know...get some female input in vr :)

cheeky girl


Make a demo mode pls!


can you explain what would demo mode be?

can you seperate the android and windows into diffrent downloads?


can i ask what is the reason you need this?
the android is only for oculus quest 2, not android phones/tablets


Can i get it free? Just for me.


cheeky boy


does it work standalone quest


It works on quest 2. It will probably run on quest 1 but I have not tested so it might run a bit slow


How do you get the Android version to work I have a rebel 5 and is not working


the android version is for Oculus Quest 2 

whats with the hidden secrets?

nothing really, just a little distraction :) 

thats sad, should give a reward for the astute, either each scene bonus or an unlock


on the steam version it unlocks achievements, but yeah you are right, I should have added something for the itchio version. ill keep it in mind if I get more content from farmthis to update this app or on my next project

This is a fun video game


hi, I was buy the game on itch. could  I have a steam key for this game too? thankyou ;-; 

In fact, when I bought thia game, I used PayPal and did not create an account, so what information do I need to provide?

I can see you bought it. Could you DM me on twitter (@FriskyBishop) or email me at sprinklerVR at gmail dot com so I can send you the key.

yep, I tried to contact you by email. Thank you!

replied. hope you got it :)

Do i beed a vr if im on android or can i play it still

(1 edit)

you need VR atm. android refers to the Oculus Quest 2. but I hope to be making an android phone version in future. I tested it on my phone and it works pretty smoothly. I just need to make new controls/UI.

When I download through itch.io, The game appears to install fine but for some reason when I click to launch VR version, the game process starts but immediately crashes. There is no error and the game status shows Last played seconds ago when I check. Any chance you know what could be causing that? I could pull the application crash log from Event Viewer if it helps. 

Deleted 2 years ago
(1 edit)

Sorry about that. I found the issue! I accidentally uploaded a stripped build for the VR version(missing some files)

I will upload a fixed new version tomorrow when I get back to my PC.

A work around for now is to copy the unityplayer.dll, unitycrashhandler64.exe, and monoBleedingEdge folder from the Desktop folder to the VR folder. It should run then.

Please nlet me know if this doesn't work.

Perfect, Thank you! I will do this when I get home from work. 


I uploaded a new version. hopefully this fixes things

Given that this is also up for sale on Steam, would it be possible to receive a Steam key when purchasing through Itch.io?

yes I could give you a steam key it you'd like one. if you buy it let me know your email or itchio ID so I can confirm your purchase and send you a key

So I actually ended up purchasing it from both locations. Just wanted to see if there was built-in interconnection between itch.io and Steam.  If you're willing to provide a Steam key if purchased through itch.io, it might be worth considering implementing it directly as part of the purchase here.  

But otherwise, I like the content.  Simple yet elegant. Only one item worth mentioning.  The crew cabin scene in the itch.io version does not contain the collectibles.  They are there in the Steam version though.

Thanks for the feedback, the crew cabin issue is likely a bug. I'll look into it.

Thanks for purchasing on both platforms :) I'm glad you like the content. I'll look into the steam keys on itchio.

quick question as I'm new to itch.io if you update the game later do we have to rebuy the game or is it like steam where we will be able to get the updates? It looks really good and am excited to try it out! 

you can get updates

No need to re-buy, just need to re-download

Will this be some type of horror game later on, getting vibes from it. Like escaping the facility? Or is this a stimulation right now? Also do I need a VR  to move around for android or is it manually controlling(could it be an option?)


Oculus Quest is required for Android. I am going to experiment with an normal android version but  I'm not sure if it will work well. It would require a pretty powerful phone.

There are definitely horror vibes but this is more like a virtual gallery than a game.

There is no plan to make this into a game at the moment but I am planning on adding more interaction to each scene. Maybe some story elements/ world building will be added later but again, no solid plans.

what minimum for windows

it requires a "VR ready PC" - thanks for the reminder ill add it to the description
intel i5 or i7 
6-12GB of ram
nvidia GTX 1060 or better

monthly update or up to you?

no fixed schedule, the first update should be within 1-2 months (hopefully adding new scene, extra interactions, bug fixes and so on)

Does this work on Android mobile?

it works with Windows & Oculus Quest 2 but not android mobile. I will do some experimenting to see if this would be possible. it Should be possible if the phone is powerful enough.
Maybe in the next update :)


A mode that switches to the girls' POV could be fun...


hehe I agree & I have been experimenting with this. I am hoping to add it in the future

Supports Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets?

There is not a native Windows MR version but if you use the headset via steam vr it should work ok. 

I am using the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset and controllers + the Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR app.


Nice. What SteamVR video settings do you use (custom resolution multiplier)?

I didn't change anything so I guess whatever the default is