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whatever i do , seems like the my controllers dosnt react with the game.

also what are all the APKs for , they are justsitting in the folders without any exe files to use

hi, the APKs are to install the app on various AR headsets, for example Oculus Quest.

Can I ask what device you are using?

Hey, there is no way to search for this in  I typed in onahole and friskybishop in the search bar and nothing showed up.  Found this on LewdVR and bought it. Gonna try it out.

hi. thanks for letting me know. I wonder if it's hidden because it's adult content. I think it will not appear unless you are signed in and have enabled "nsfw" content in the user settings.

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I used the Oculus Quest 2 in a room with good lighting and the onaholeQuest.apk

  1. The tracking is extremly poor and does not properly sync with the model. It even mirrors the movement in reverse instead (you go down with the controller -> the girl modell goes up instead).
  2. The amount of distance that you move with the controller does not match up with the ingame model. You move 50 cm, the ingame model moves 10 cm.
  3. Independent movement of the modell is way to big, should be reduced
  4. I got a transparent chest inside my face which is very annoying
  5. More models witha  larger chest, different hair styles, etc. would be great.
  6. Different positions would be great too
  7. Could also use some ASMR voice acting (look at

For the ingame modell to better match with real life I think customisable penis size would be necessary. From 1cm -> 30cm.

The concept is great, the execution is extremly poor.

Considering the developer already announced a sequel this project is preety much abbondened at this point.

I can't recommend this at all at this point. Very disappointing.

I want a refund.

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thanks for the feedback

Sorry to hear about the tracking issues. It seems sometimes updates in the oculus software break games built with older versions of the oculus SDK. I'll look into it.

Plz male models dlcs

ah  good idea! im working on a sequel to this app so i will definitely include men in that one! 

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sorry for the late response. yes there should be a pointer for the menu. ill look into this.

i think the quest SDK was updated which broke the controller. I have uploaded a new apk called "onaholeQuest.apk" which should solve the issue on Quest and Quest 2